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Tiina, Lill, Setu
photo Eve Hõbemets

29.05.10Estonian Agility Championship, judge Lars Bang (Danemark)
AK Mil Vista Captain Cedric (Setu) – class Midi 3 place! Congratulations!

photo: Livia Kask

17.02.08- the Agility season opened in Tartu, judge Peteris Akimovs.
This was Kusti's day, who won both tracks in A1 and earned his first 0 result in jumping. His speed was 4,2 m/s.
In Agility Kusti was experiencing some troubles with the swing and the result was 15p, however, he managed to win 1st place despite that.

Sedrik's result in Agility 10,53 kp (4th place), 2,12 kp for the time (1st place) and in jumping trach DSQ.

19.01.08- Agility exam in Kurna, judge Anne Tammiksalu. Lill and Ronny participating. Lill received A2 20.34 p and JUMP-2 DSQ. Lill will continue competing in A2. Ronny got DSQ in agility, and in jumping 9 p (exceeding time limit).

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